Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Jamaican Christmas Mix - Part 1

Whew! After a couple weeks of work I've finally completed the Distinctly Jamaican Sounds Christmas Mix! 25 tracks in all and a running time of close to an hour and a half I think it'll provide a nice sampling of decent Jamaican Christmas music to get you in the holiday spirit! I stand by what I said last year that Holiday music from JA tends to be on the cheesy side but I tried my best to avoid going there with this offering. So without further ado, here we go... Part 1 of the Distinctly Jamaican Sounds Christmas Mix!

I've split the entire mix into 3 separate chunks of 8 songs (the last has got 9 as an added bonus!) and once assembled back together either on your Ipod or MP3 player, I haven't been able to figure out how to fit it on a CDR yet, it'll create a continuous Christmas mix inna JA Style

Starting off the mix is Carlene Davis with the wicked track "Santa Claus (Do You Ever Come To The Ghetto)" from the CD Yard Style Christmas. Next is DJ originator King Stitt with a song called "Christmas Tree" from the essential Trojan Christmas boxset. Third up is Johnny Osbourne with "Christmas Stylee" from the Reggae Christmas From Studio One CD. The fourth song is a group of artists from Joe Gibbs' stable and the song "We Three Kings", which is one of only a couple traditional Christmas songs in the mix, from the CD called Reggae Christmas - Two In One. Gregory Isaacs follows that one with a sad track "Christmas Behind The Bars" from his non-Christmas album called Mek Me Prosper. Yellowman follows that one and no... it's not from his repulsive "A Very Yellow Christmas" album. This one is an awesome Junjo Lawes produced track called "Where Is Santa Claus?" and appeared as a Greensleeves 12" in 1985 credited to "Mr & Mrs. Yellowman." Eek A Mouse continues the mix with a Linval Thompson production called "Christmas A Come" taken from another Greensleeves 12" from 1981. Wrapping up the first part of the mix is another Junjo production courtesy of the man Cocoa Tea and taken from his album Rocking Dolly. The song is called "Christmas Is Coming" on one of my all-time favorite riddims! So grab a cup of egg nog and give it a listen!

Download Jamaican Christmas Mix Part 1

Please, please, please... leave a comment! I'm dying to know what you think thus far!


Sean Carter said...

Thats great. Makes me feel like doing a jig. good work.
Peep into this amazing Holiday Blog for some cool and unique gift ideas.

OuttaSweden said...

Big up! My speakers are broken but I'll put in on my ipod anytime soon... Thanks!

ghostdog said...

Thanks a lot man... Now I'm ready for irie holidays

Duke of Straw said...

Sounds great so far. Can't wait for more.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Yeah ! Magnificent !

Merci beaucoup pour ce très bon travail ! Beaucoup de très très bonnes chanson rares

my wife makes you a kiss ;)

Que la vie soit douce pour toi, homme ... et aioli pour tous !

From Marseille - France

Anonymous said...

Hi!This is Reggaelover from India. Your effort is simply magnificient.Thanks for such nice up.

Susan said...

I want to list your web address in an article I'm writing about Christmas in Jamaica for the Reggae Festival Guide. Is that ok? how should I list it?

Reggaexx said...

When I first started this blog I went with the jamminjasounds title (as the web address reflects) but almost immediately I thought it sounded a bit cheesy so I left the address alone but changed the title of the blog to Distinctly Jamaican Sounds - and that is the name to use (please)! I'd like to see the article when you get it done - how can I get to see it?