Tuesday, February 27, 2007

By Request... A Little Lord Creator

By Request... Lord Creator (born Kentrick Patrick circa 1940 in San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago) began his career as a calypso singer. In 1962 he moved to Jamaica after achieving initial success with his song "Evening News" in 1959. His talent easily transitioned from calypso into the new ska sound emanating from the island around the time and Creator quickly became known as one of the best crooners in Jamaica. Creator's track "Independent Jamaica" became the official song marking Jamaica's Independence from the British Empire on August 6, 1962. It was also the first song ever released in the UK on Chris Blackwell's Island Records label (Island 001) though oddly enough legend has it that Owen Gray's "Twist Baby" (Island 002) made it to the shops first. In '64 with the help of Coxsone Dodd and the equally legendary Tommy McCook he hit big with the tune "Big Bamboo." After that success he went on to record a calypso album at Studio One called Jamaica Time (which I unfortunately don't have and have never even heard!) Lord Creator went on to record throughout the ska era, through the rocksteady phase and disappeared from the scene in 1970 right around the time the reggae sound was gaining momentum and right after he cut one of his best known tracks "Kingston Town" for producer Clancy Eccles.

There is an interesting story regarding the later phases of Creator's career... apparently Creator had run into some hard times and had borrowed $30 from Eccles. Some time had passed when Eccles was informed that UB40 had recorded a version of "Kingston Town" and that Lord Creator was due substantial royalties. When Clancy Eccles approached Creator to let him know the good news Creator fled afraid that the producer had come to collect the $30 he owed him. After Eccles caught up with him and royalties began to roll in Creator was able to get his life and career back on track. He went on to perform at various "Oldies Nights" and even toured Japan later on.

So... as per the requests, here is the Lord Creator mix and this is what you're going to hear...

1. "Hold Me Tight" from the Studio One album Dance Hall '63 featuring King Stitt
2. "Feeling The Rhythm" from the Studio One "Best of Lord Creator" CD called Golden Love
3. "Bang Bang Lulu" from the Dynamic Sounds produced calypso album Big Bamboo
4. "Big Bamboo" taken from the Trojan Calypso Box Set
5. "Evening News" from the Blue Beat 7" (BB 292)
6. "Everything Crash" again from the CD Golden Love
7. "Independent Jamaica" from Island Records 40th Anniversary CD set
8. "Such Is Life" from the various artists sampler CD called The Rough Guide To The Music Of Jamaica
9. "Paint Up, Clean Up Time" also from the Trojan Calypso box
10. "Remember Ma & Pa" taken from a Randy's 7"
11. "Precious Time" from Golden Love again
12. "Molly" off the CD boxset Trojan Reggae Brothers
13. "Archie Buck Them Up" from the Studio One LP called Presenting Jamaica All Stars Vol 1
14. "Kingston Town" off the Trojan Originals Boxset
15. "Bangarang" taken from Golden Love once again
16. "Beyond" also from the King Stitt enhanced LP Dance Hall '63

Give him a listen!


jacob z. said...

yes! lord creator, what a voice. this is great music, thanks for putting this together. nice little story about the ub40 royalties...

Anonymous said...

Thank you Friend for keeping my request.lord creator really got the golden voice.Hats off to you for sharing such great songs with others.

Anonymous said...

Hi!Sweety Walters here.I saw that you have uploaded Lord Creator's songs. I am Interested in Tony Tribe's song,I've searched everywhere,but I could get only two songs.If you have some, please upload.Thanks very much for sharing.

Reggaexx said...

Thanks for the feedback everyone - hope you're enjoying the music.

Sweety Walters - I think the Tony Tribe request is gonna be a little tough. I'm not at home right now so I don't have access to my music but after looking into it, I think that unless you want to hear 10 of the same versions of "Red Red Wine" from a bunch of various artists releases we're gonna be stuck.

"I'm Gonna Give Her All The Love I've Got" is the only other single that I'm aware he ever released... I can't promise anything but I'll do some more digging and see if I can unearth anything else.

Maybe I'll post Neil Diamond's original... No that probably wouldn't go over too good! :-)

Anonymous said...

Sweety here.Thank you very much for your quick response.i've got Tony Tribe's "Red Red Wine".Probably the second one also I am having.Let me check.I have Neil Diamond's Red Red Wine .I don't mind getting "Red Red Wine" of other artists(such a beautiful song).Again thank you very much to you for taking so much of pain for me.

Anonymous said...

Hi!Sweety here.Yeah! I've got"I'm Gonna Give Her All The Love I've Got". I'm sorry that I've disurbed you when you are away.Thank you very much.

Reggaexx said...

I was referred to some additional information about Tony Tribe on the Trojan Records message board... here is what it revealed.

"Tony Tribe was previously known as Tony Mosop and sang in a London, Camberwell based gospel band called 'The Soul Seekers'. One other member of the band, Drummer Barry Ford also went on to make an impact in the world of reggae."

As far as my research shows he never released an album as Tony Tribe.

When I did some checking on Barry Ford I found that the online source credited "Red Red Wine" to a Tony Kingston. I checked up on Tony Kingston and found no other mention of him elsewhere so I would have to assume that the site that had the write-up on Barry Ford was incorrect. I also followed up on the "Soul Seekers" and found nothing on them either.

Anonymous said...

Hi! sweety here.Oh!amazing!You are really great.Keeping so much info & follow up.fanasic. Keep it up. I hope that in case of any info regarding reggae/jamaican music, I can contact you. Thank you again.

Anonymous said...

My name is antoney. My mum really loves this persons music and I've been looking for a song he made called "archie buck them up". I wonder if you can help me, please please please. My e-mail is antoneykent@hotmail.com

Thank You

Reggaexx said...

Antoney - "Archie Buck Them Up" is in the mix but... if you're only looking for the one song by itself I'll hook it up tomorrow morning.

miroku said...

beautiful music!!!!!!!
great feeling!!!
Thank your so much for LORD CREATOR I have not heard obout him and are happy to discover this jamaican jewel !!! -
its possible to upload the discography of LORD CRATOR ? (or please contact me and we will find a solution)
it would make my really happy!!!


Reggaexx said...

I unfortunately only have the one Creator CD and the singles in the mix which were taken from various artists CDs and sets. I really need to get ahold of the Big Bamboo LP... that's one I've been looking to buy forever!

Jamaican Music Man said...

Thanks for the little history lesson and thanks also for sharing the song... I'm always on the lookout for new island grooves. Best wishes!

SB said...

This is a great mix, thanks! The first Jamaican music record I ever bought was Dance Crasher which starts with Creator's Big Bamboo and ever since I've loved his voice and his calypso tinged style.

Fan said...

I know I said it already, but i have to say it again:
Great MUSIC!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey there King of Reggaexx!! I am so glad to have found your blog...thank you for being so thorough and providing background as well as title, artist, etc. Thank you for all the work you do with a passion that is evident!

Destiny said...

I am a new and upcoming artist,(Destiny) as well as rhe GRANDDAUGHTER of TONY TRIBE. He has given me many gifts as well as the gift of song. I am honored to see that he still has fans and interest in his music. We have most of his original records and lyrics, photos etc. He is a huge part of musical history. I am blessed to be a part of such a great artist.