Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Distinctly Non-Jamaican Sounds Of Reggaexx's Noir Mix

I know the name of the blog is Distinctly Jamaican Sounds and in the year its been in operation I've only posted music of the Jamaican variety. And though Jamaican music is my one true love I do occasionally listen to other things such as blues, early rhythm and blues, exotica and cool jazz and that is where the dilemma comes in. I just completed a "crime jazz" mix complete with clips from noir films and I wanted to share it. Would anyone be interested in hearing this non-reggae mix? Or will I be alienating those who stop here for Jamaican music? Don't get me wrong, I'm not announcing a "format change" for the blog and if I hear enough requests I may institute a once-a-year policy for posting non-Jamaican mixes.

I'm really proud at how this "Noir" mix came out - the music I selected blend well and really provide a highly visual and even moody listening experience.

After reading the feedback I have decided to post the mix... Here it is!

1. Serge Gainsbourg – Black March
2. Mulatu Estatke - Gubelye’
3. Holly Golightly – Love Is
4. Laurindo Almeida – Big Town
5. Curtis Counce – The Butler Did It
6. Artie Shaw – Nightmare
7. Jimmy Smith – Chicago Serenade
8. Sam “The Man” Taylor & His Cat Men – Harlem Nocturne
9. Sarah Vaughn – Night Song
10. Sam Butera – Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
11. John Coltrane - Theme For Ernie
12. Nelson Riddle – Speakeasy Blues
13. Bobby Darin - Charade
14. Jerry Goldsmith – Love Theme From Chinatown
15. Stan Wilson – A Lady Sings The Blues
16. Heath Allen – Detective In The Rain
17. Miles Davis – ‘Round Midnight
18. Alex North – Floozie
19. Jazz At The Movies – The Big Sleep
20. Quincy Jones - Peter Gunn


Anonymous said...

It's your blog so it's essentially up to you - if any reader wouldn't like to hear your jazz noir mix they wont download it! Easy as that :)
And of course, large up yuself, great blog!

Anonymous said...

The reggae & Dub stuff is great - keep it comin. As for other genres? - If peeps dont like it they wont download it - I myself love Ska, Dub, Reggae, Blues, Trashy Rock n Roll, Punk, the whole 9 yards and each genre Does have a link to the others... thats how they evolve

Anonymous said...


Thanxx a lot for all the music & the Mix. I love that
Your blog is great, in my favorites
for a long time...
sorry, not to have congratulate u before for all this art works and music

Anonymous said...

love the blog and the sounds and keen to hear your noir mix. the reggae focus is good and appreciated but its your vibes, so bring it on



Anonymous said...

I'd love to hear it.

i said...

oh hell yes. more important that you're rocking what you're into than sticking to a strict focus (esp. if it's just because of the name of the blog and your preconceptions about what it should be...)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like we all agree: Do it!

Anonymous said...

use the force, luke

Anonymous said...

Reggaex, Listening right now. So far, most excellent. Any chance of getting the source of the tracks and clips?

John AKA Reggaexx said...

Sure Carl! I'll post the tracklisting as soon as I get a chance... glad you're enjoying it!

Anonymous said...

Hi!Hats off to you for your effort in uploading different types of jamaican albums everyday.Thank you very much.I myself love Ska, Rocksteady, Reggae songs.In fact I am searching for albums of Lord Creator,Tony Tribe(if availble).I'd love to hear the song of those artists.Can it be possible for you to upload. Thank you in advance.

Anonymous said...

Excellent job on the crime jazz comp!

Zero G Sound said...

Love it! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the track list. Loved the mix.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes.

Like so many good folks have pointed out already, is ANYTHING really 'off-topic'? Just as a sculptor brings their appreciation of 3D form to, say, photography, learning that you dig the Dark Side (well, cinema noir anyway) only illuminates where some of your other selections are coming from; It's All Good.

Top mix, too - sage head-nods at the Mulatu track, but other highlights too numerous to mention (I always love to hear Sam Taylor do Harlem Nocturne), and the snippets of dialogue all contributed bigtime. Thanks for posting it!