Monday, February 12, 2007

Valentine's Love Gone Wrong

I've never been one for Valentine's Day. To me it always seemed like a holiday devised by the card companies, chocolate makers and the florists to help tide them over until Easter. Luckily my wife is of the same mind-set so there's never a need to commit to a financial splurge on roses and Godiva's - thank God! Don't get me wrong, I love what the holiday represents and there is nothing nicer in life than finding someone you'll enjoy growing old with but I don't think we should need a "holiday" to profess our love with tokens from our wallets! But enough of that... I'm here to present another themed mix for your listening pleasure.

It would probably have been a lot easier for me to find 20 or so love songs and put them up for all to hear but I wanted to go a different direction. Besides, by posting true love songs would be falling into the trap that Hallmark has set for us. Instead I've decided to expound on one of the most painful and annoying aspects of love; the break-up.

Here's the track listing...

Winston Samuels – I’m Leaving
Lloyd Clarke – Love Me Or Leave Me
The Wailers – Don’t Ever Leave Me
Winston Samuels – She’s Gone
Freddie McKay – Tears Won’t Help You
Derrick Morgan – Tears On My Pillow
Horace Andy – Just Don’t Want To Be Lonely
Boris Gardiner – Ain’t No Sunshine
Max Romeo – I Don’t Want To Let You Go
The Silvertones – That’s When It Hurts
Ronnie Davis – I’ve Lost My Lover
Gregory Isaacs – Love Is Overdue
Carlton & The Shoes – Never Give Your Heart Away
Ken Boothe – Crying Over You
Winston Francis – Leaving
Bob Marley & The Wailers – She’s Gone
Delroy Wilson – Here Comes The Heartaches
Paulette & The Lovers – Please Stay
Horace Andy – Please Don’t Go
Barrington Levy – Why Did You Leave Me




Anonymous said...

i have just discovered your blog. it is great! thanks for all the work you put into it.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous! Heartbreak for my rainy day...thank you!!

Vitriolix said...

classic, I'm gonna put this on as i cook and eat a nice dinner with my wife tonight :)

(yes, she appreciates irony as much as me... at last I'll find out tonight if she does...)

Johnny P said...

I made a break-up mix for a girl, like an "I'm breaking up with you" mix. Delroy Wilson's "trying to wreck my life" was damn appropriate.

but now we're inseparable, so go figure...