Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Juggling Some Junjo - Part Three

Here is part 3 of the Juggling Junjo project for your listening and dancing pleasure... I decided to go ahead and tackle one of his biggest riddims this time. The riddim is officially called "Mad Mad" or sometimes referred to as "Diseases" and like most of Junjo's material it features the Roots Radics remaking a Studio One riddim from years before. This was one of Junjo's biggest riddims and as this mix shows there was quite an impressive array of talent wanting to take a ride on this one. Of note - The second song in the mix... "The Ladies Side" by Genie & Tash is the female answer to Michigan & Smiley's dancehall scorcher and from what I can tell is the second track Junjo released on his mammoth Volcano label. It's no where near as smooth as Michigan & Smiley's so it's no wonder we never heard from Genie & Tash again. My favorite track has got to be Toyan's wicked tune "Stylee" - dig it! More Junjo mixes coming in the future... gonna take a little time off to gather more tunes for the other riddims but there will be some other Jamaican musical goodies in the near future!

The tracklist...

Mad Mad
1. Michigan & Smiley - Diseases - Volcano 7"
2. Genie & Tash - The Ladies Side - Volcano 7"
3. Cocoa Tea - Gone Away (or I Lost My Sonia as it's often called) - Volcano 12"
4. Yellowman & Fathead - Mash It Up Now - The Yellow, The Purple, The Nancy LP - Greensleeves
5. Josey Wales - Leggo Mi Hand (or often called Gateman) - Outlaw Josey Wales LP - Greensleeves
6. Nicodemus - Bone Connection (or sometimes referred to as Boneman Connection) - Greensleeves 12"
7. Toyan - Stylee - Volcano 12"
8. Clint Eastwood & General Saint - Jack Spratt - Stop That Train LP - Greensleeves
9. Yellowman - Zunguzungguguzungguzeng - from the CD of the same name on Greensleeves



jerry said...

Hi Reggaexx,
just discovered your blog... nice mixes. Junjo sound is massive!
I actually found ur site while searching for a tune - Tony Tuff - Hey Supe off his Come We Fi Mash It Album. Used to have this Cd but lost it. Can you repost ur Tony Tuff Down In Rome mix again or maybe cook up a new mix with that tune in it? Maybe with a little pinch of Barry Brown or Johnny Clarke if you have any...
One Love.

zasada said...

Still massive - Geenie & Tash awesome, still searchin fi dat chune.
Greetings from Poland!