Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Complete Jamaican Halloween Mix 2007

The big day has arrived! I want to thank everyone who gave me all the positive feedback and hopefully now that you've all got the entire mix on your hard drive I'll be hearing more... what's that you say? You missed track 12 & 23? Well no need to despair... here is my little Halloween treat to those who may have missed something or joined us late and due to real life concerns were unable to download each individual track and even to those who'd prefer to hear the Spooktacular in all of its unedited glory...

The Complete Jamaican Halloween Spooktacular 2007

Last year I was able to put together a five song add-on mix as a final holiday offering but because of the insane demands of my full-time job I wasn't able to get one done this year. So instead... I have upped my Non-Jamaican Halloween Spooktacular 2007 for your listening pleasure or if you're exclusively a fan of Jamaican music, your displeasure. You'd never know it by reading this blog but I actually do have musical interests outside of the Caribbean and this mix should prove it. The mix is done in the same style as the Jamaican Spooktacular with lots of layered sound effects, movie clips, Halloween record snippets, etc. but aside from 2 tracks it's decidedly Non-Jamaican.

The Complete Non-Jamaican Halloween Spooktacular 2007

Give it a listen and read on for the tracklisting

1. The Ghastly Ones – Dr. Diablo
2. Big Bee Kornegay – At The House Of Frankenstein
3. Billy Strange – Theme From The Munsters
4. Gein & The Graverobbers – The Haunted House
5. The Surfaris – Jack The Ripper
6. Harvey Midnight - Denny Vs. Disney – Grim Grinning Ghostly Voodoo Dreams
7. Gene Moss & The Monsters – Drac The Knife
8. Big Ray & The Futuras – Horrorscope
9. Griz Green – Jam At The Mortuary
10. The Gravestone Four – Rigor Mortis
11. Southern Culture On The Skids – Werewolf
12. The Upsetters – The Wolfman
13. Fifty Foot Combo – It’s Alive
14. Los Plantronics – Evil Tiki
15. Mr. Gasser & The Weirdos – Hearse With A Curse
16. Bobby “Boris” Pickett – Monster Motion
17. HorrorPops – Walk Like A Zombie
18. The Krontjong Devils – Twilight Zone
19. Cult Of The Psychic Fetus – Zombie Waltz
20. The Gravediggers – The Witch
21. Byron Lee & The Dragonaires – Frankenstein Ska
22. Leroy Bowman – Graveyard
23. Zacherle – Happy Halloween

Of note... track six is courtesy of fellow blogger Harvey Midnight and his delightful mash-up of Walt Disney's Haunted Mansion and the late great exotica pioneer Martin Denny. One of the best Halloween tracks I've heard in years!

Enjoy! And... Happy Halloween!


Moos said...

Dear Mr. Reggaexx,

Thank you so much for these incredibly fun recordings you made us for Halloween, they are really awesome, There is however a small favor that I want to ask you for.
Track 23 as you so kindly noticed is indeed missing on it's own.
You forgot to post it for all people who have collected all numbers day by day, there is no tr. 23 standing alone to download, just the hole mix, could you post it standing alone please ?
You are the best, thanks so much.

Reggaexx said...

Hello Moos,

Glad you've been enjoying the mix! Actually Track 22 from yesterday was the final track... when I planned out the tracklisting I figured I'd feature a different song for every weekday during the month except for Halloween day itself. That way I thought people would be able to compile the songs in order and listen to them in their entirety on Halloween. So, if you've got 22 tracks... you've got 'em all.

Happy Halloween

harri said...

Many Thanks for these, I am DJing at a bar in Glasgow (Scotland) tonight and will make liberal use of them ;-) I posted you a link earlier to download a UK/JA reggae track celebrating serial killers. only a couple of days left before download expires

Reggaexx said...

Harri - thanks for reminding me about the serial killer tune - just downloaded it and listening to it now! It's a good one! Hope the tunes work well for you tonight!

Happy Halloween!

Erick Monsterama2000 said...

Thanks for all of the wonderful tunes. I can't wait to listen to them.

repsac3 said...

Just making the rounds to thank you (& folks like you at other sites -- Jason @ scar stuff, Dave56, WFMU, Mashuptown, & at least one or two other folks/sites) for suppling my Halloween soundtrack. I only found you on the 29th or so, so catching up with all that downloading (& getting through MegaUpload -- a necessary evil, but an evil nonetheless) was rough, but well worth it.

While I really like reggae (& have for years), I never got much past the basic artists (Cliff, Marley, Tosh, Wailers, Issacs) so the education that comes with your posts was really helpful, as well... (On the other hand, I saw Tosh live in concert in 79 or 80, and had tickets for Bob Marley at the Apollo Theatre later that year, but my mom was a little too nervous to let her skinny little white teen-age son wander into/around Harlem to see anyone, & put the kabosh on those plans...)

Now that I've found your site, I'm sure I'll be back for more... Thanks again...

johnny dollar said...

way cool, man! thanks!

So It Goes said...

261 downloads and 7 comments???? shome mishtake shurely!!
Thank you for the road you have chosen to follow and for the wonderful music you have shared with us. Thinking of something on similar lines for Christmas? look at for inspiration (that's my other blog).
Thanks once again for great downloads. Take care.