Monday, October 22, 2007

Halloween Mix 2007 Track 16 - The Upsetters' Vampire

Despite the extremely sad news in the world of reggae, the show must go on...

Starting off the third week in the 2007 Halloween Spooktacular with a wicked tune straight outta the legendary Blark Ark. This one is called "Vampire (Horns)" and comes from the excellent 1999 compilation of Lee "Scratch" Perry productions dating from the early to mid 70's called Black Arkives released on the Justice League label.

To serve as a proper introduction to the tune I used a portion of audio from the 1931 Universal Studios adaptation of Dracula starring in my opinion, the real Drac himself Bela Lugosi. I have watched the many retellings and variations of Bram Stoker's 1897 novel and I have enjoyed many of them but Lugosi's portrayal will always be my favorite. He is the epitome of what Dracula is supposed to look and sound like and if you consider that the multitude of Dracula impersonations you see or hear every Halloween season are based on Lugosi's original performance, it makes you realize the importance of this film to Trick Or Treaters and our collective nightmares the world over.

I think you'll dig what I've done with the track... give it a listen!

Track 16


Jah Azion said...

This Version is WICKED!!! MURDERAH!!!
The version on this riddim Reggae Music is one of my favourite tracks... Hugo Blackwood & Doctor Alimantado...
If you don't know it, check it...
Thanks and Love Reggaexx!

Anonymous said...

This version is WICKED!! MURDERAH!!
The version on this riddim Reggae Music by Hugo Blackwood and Doctor Alimantado is one of my favourite tracks!!!
If you don't know it, check it..

Thanks and Love Reggaexx!