Thursday, October 04, 2007

Halloween Mix 2007 Track 4 - Lord Jellicoe's Zombie Jamboree

Short and sweet today... I've probably got four different versions of "Zombie Jamboree" and they all are pretty good but Lord Jellicoe and the Calypso Monarchs' take is my all-time favorite. I've tried to do some research on Lord Jellicoe but I've come up blank so I can't give you any background on the artist. I also tried to determine if Jellicoe's record was the first recorded version but again... nothing. Anyway here it "Zombie Jamboree (Back To Back)" and if you've never heard it you're in for a treat. A great song that always puts me in the Halloween mood anytime I hear it. I embellished this one with the "They're coming to get you Barbara" audio from the 1968 George Romero classic "Night Of The Living Dead." And though I love the movie I'd admit I'd rather come across Jellicoe's brand of partying, festive undead any day as opposed to Romero's grainy, black and white flesh devourers.

Oh, thanks to Michael Garnice and his excellent Mento Music website for the label scan! Like last year, image searches for zombies were a little too graphic for the blog and I didn't want to scare anyone off or more appropriately gross them out.

Track 4

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