Thursday, October 01, 2009

Jamaican Halloween Spooktacular 2009 Track One - Mikey Dread's "Pre-Dawn Dub"

And we're off! We start this year's Spooktacular with a track from the late great artist, producer and broadcaster Michael Campbell AKA Mikey "The Dread At The Controls" Dread and it's called "Pre Dawn Dub" and is taken from his 1978 album African Anthem (The Mikey Dread Show Dubwise).

The album was originally released on Mikey Dread's Dread At The Controls label and re-released on Island and Cruise over the course of the last 20 years. It's no wonder it has been re-pressed so often because it's a fantastic dub album
and one in which I never tire of listening.

This is a great dub tune and already comes complete with ear splitting screams, odd creaking noises and even the occasional goat "bleat" all while immersed in Mikey Dread's trademark far-out echo and reverb... I have only embellished Pre Dawn Dub with the prerequisite thunderstorm background effects.

Spooktacular Track One


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for making the effort to do this again. Last year, it was the best part of the Halloween Countdown for me. The excitement of wondering what the next track might be, plus the anticipation each & every day as I eagerly waited for the next song in the compilation. Looking forward to more of the same this year. The end result is guaranteed to be nothing short of Spooktacular !!
Fangs alot...

Anonymous said...

i freakin love halloween!!!!
i found your blog on halloween night last year. and have checked out every post since. you have turned me on to the deeper side of reggae music. i had no idea so much was out there. you also have turned me on to the "music blog". my life and my friends lives are better for it. keep up the good work.

p.s. please re-post (if possible) previous spooktaculars. also check out qualitybootz.blogspot he has some rare bob stuff i think you will dig.

all love...

Christofari said...


John - I was wondering when you'd drop this monster. And it's the opener to your 2009 Spooktacular.

Gasp - where can you go from here?!
Trembling in anticipation...