Thursday, October 29, 2009

Jamaican Halloween Spooktacular 2009 - Track Twenty One - Sancho's "Chase Vampire"

We're dropping the second to last tune in the 2009 Spooktacular inna dancehall style!

And we've got a kick-ass tune by the man Sancho... an artist who as far as I know only had this one hit. Supposedly this riddim, Chase Vampire, was originally created by an unknown producer named Antonio Gilbert and it was versioned by bigger names such as Donovan Germain, King Jammy and Black Scorpio but I can't find any definitive proof to confirm or deny such rumors.

This is a fantastic Halloween/Duppy dancehall tune! Not only does Sancho go on to describe a frightening late night encounter but he rambles off names of some real horror favorites such as Barnabas Collins, Herman Munster, Frankenstein, Werewolf and Dracula.

It comes to us from a 12" on the Ikus label and I'm hoping that you dig this one as much as I do because I've been holding back on using this tune for a couple years now!

I really put a lot of effort into the backing sound effects, it's subtle but extremely involved and I was half tempted just to post the "tapestry" of effects so you could play it at loud volume on Halloween night and scare the trick or treaters.

Spooktacular Track Twenty One


Christofari said...


It's a MONSTER!!!!

John said...

Never heard of Sancho till now. This is a hard tune, thanks!