Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Jamaican Halloween Spooktacular 2009 - Track Fourteen - Boris Gardiner's "Darkness"

Today's tune "Darkness" comes from Boris Gardiner And The Love People and is taken from the crucial 2006 double CD set of "duppy tunes" called Black Magic Reggae on the Castle Pulse label.

Boris Gardiner (born January 13, 1943, Kingston, Jamaica) aside from having an appropriate Halloween sounding name, is a singer, songwriter and bassist started out in the music biz in the 1960's touring with Carlos Malcolm And The Afro Caribs and Byron Lee And The Dragonaires. Later in the decade he became a session musician for The Upsetters, The Crystalites and the Aggrovators.

His first album Reggae Happening was released in 1970 and achieved moderate success by selling relatively well in England. But in 1986 Boris Gardiner had real chart success when the tune "I Want To Wake Up With You," went to number one on the UK charts and remained there for nearly two months!

Boris is straying away from the lovey dovey today and getting a little spooky with this organ driven tune that goes well with the 1950's "spook show"radio ad. Kinda like it was meant to be there!

Spooktacular Track Fourteen

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Christofari said...

Thanks so much, John - not just for smothering us with more goodness (and a heap of folk must be DELIGHTED that you've reupped your previous Halloween mixes; that's a whole body of serious quality work, but also for the heads-up on Black Magic Reggae, another must-have that I (cough) didn't even know existed. Just ordered a copy from Amazon - yikes, what a bargain. Raising a brimming chalice of Rhesus Positive to you...

P.S. I Gotta say, future Halloweens just aren't going to be the same. You've become a significant part of my favourite times of the year. Thanks again, from the heart.