Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Jamaican Halloween Spooktacular 2015 - Track Fourteen - Spooky Pt.2


Baltimore's own Bobby Bobson had so much fun writing up Cliff & The Organizers' Mr. Brown that he volunteered to do another one for us all!  Thanks for going above and beyond Bobby!  You can check out his podcast Mobtown Ska Sounds by clicking here!

"An organ drenched instrumental by producer, singer, and organ player Lloyd Charmers.   Charmers is probably best known for this period of heavy organ instrumentals like “In the Spirit” and his risqué skinhead reggae venture credited as “Lloydie and the Lowbites.”   This tune is an instrumental version of The Royals’ “Down Comes The Rain.”   Charmers was a solid session player and appeared on various essential ska, rocksteady, and reggae tracks such as “Everything I Own” by Ken Boothe.   On this month of hallowed evils one has to attribute the rain as the perfect backdrop for creatures in the night to hide.   This song may not invoke a sinister mood, but those are usually the best moments."

Lloyd Charmers - Spooky Pt.2 - 2015 Jamaican Halloween Spooktacular Track Fourteen

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Nate Ness Monster said...

Boss tune!!!! Spooky organ! Send me the nurse, my blood pressure is skyrocketing!