Friday, October 09, 2015

Jamaican Halloween Spooktacular 2015 - Track Seven - Got To Hide Dub

It's a recurring theme in horror films… a young couple basking in their postcoital bliss are set upon by a sadistic and usually supernaturally indestructible killer and whether that pointy-object wielding slayer is Jason Vorhees, Freddie Krueger or Michael Meyers, they always attempt to run and hide.  As an audience we root for them to get away and once they find a seemingly secure spot to cower and you think they will be left unscathed the music builds to a nerve-rattling crescendo and they receive their blood-soaked comeuppance… which brings us to the next track in the 2015 Jamaican Halloween Spooktacular.

Linval Thompson and either the Roots Radics or the Revolutionaries give us a tune called "Got To Hide Dub" and it comes from the album Phoenix Dub released in 2002 on the Motion Records label… and much like the Upsetter tune from a couple days ago, this release rose up from the depths of Crystal Lake to reek its unstoppable horrible vengeance on mankind!!  Well not exactly… it was a set of tapes recorded sometime in the mid-70s and early-80s that were believed to have been lost and later unearthed by Linval Thompson.  With mixing at King Tubby's Studio by either Tubby, Scientist or Prince Jammy, it's an all-around wicked release.  "Got To Hide Dub" showcases the skills of Prince Jammy behind the controls and with the trailer for the shocking double feature The Velvet Vampire and Scream Of The Demon Lover, it may make you want to run and hide!  Why neither of these films was ever nominated for an Oscar is a complete travesty!  See you on Monday!

Linval Thompson - Got To Hide Dub - 2015 Jamaican Halloween Spooktacular Track Seven


Christofari said...

It's getting near that time again, old fiend - and it seems like you've redoubled your efforts yet again;
having just crawled out from under a stone, I'm overjoyed to see such a SUPERB collection shaping up.

TEN YEARS!!!!! I don't know how you've done it. I am all admiration.
Sincerest thanks for everything you've shared with us - and I hope you and your family have a scarily great H'ween.

P.S. Roger, you too go from strength to strength. As they say, God is in the details - and I couldn't help noticing the upturned dinghy's name. Never think all that work's unappreciated!

Big Love Reggae Radio said...

Stunning artwork who does this for you or do you take off magazines

John AKA Reggaexx said...

The artwork is actually done by my good friend Roger Wilkerson - he takes existing horror comic covers and reworks them with new titles and embellishments to make them fit the purpose here on my blog. He has been doing them for the last couple years for me and if you want to see some of the other things he does you can check out his Tumblr blog

Thanks for the kind words, I will let him know that the new covers are being well received!

And Christofari, thank you once again for all the kind words you've spoken over the years, I sincerely appreciate your input! Also, we need to link up via email because I wanted to offer you the opportunity to write-up one of the songs in this years mix but I wasn't able to contact you. My email address is!