Friday, October 23, 2015

Jamaican Halloween Spooktacular 2015 - Track Seventeen - Who Pick De Pumpkin

 Toby Gohn, AKA Rice & Peas, is one of the originators and key contributors to the fabulous DC Soundclash!  Toby has a deep appreciation for all eras of Jamaican music and obviously, though I've not seen it, a completely jaw-dropping record collection.  It never fails at Soundclash that Toby will reach down deep in his sound box and pull out something that will leave you in awe, shock or disbelief but will have you making a b-line to the dancefloor even though you may look like a complete idiot in front of the Marx Cafe regulars... believe me, I know.  Toby also puts together a podcast called Soul Shake that is educational, enjoyable and always completely kick-ass!  Thanks Toby!

"Jamaicans will sing about anything.  I’ve heard songs about ducks, getting gas for a car, snow (in Jamaica, riiiiight), collecting paychecks, pretty much anything is fair game.  Once on a visit to JA, I listened one morning as a man sang about sweeping his yard, as he was sweeping his yard (before launching into a spot on rendition of Red Rose for Gregory, but that’s for another time.)  This here song probably isn’t into that stratosphere of anomaly but a lyric about someone stealing your pumpkin is still pretty unique.  And the singer seems like he REALLY wants to know, since he keeps asking about it.  However, he also doesn’t want a cemetery at his residence, that’s also clear.  Not sure if he means his family is going to starve without it, or if he’s going to kill the motherfucker who did it.  Either way, serious thing.  In addition, he’s declaring war on duppies (ghosts).  Maybe he has some inside info and believes a duppy stole the pumpkin?  Dunno.  But Jamaicans take duppies very seriously.  They will not approach any area or person they suspect of being occupied by a duppy.  Well, except for this singer.  He’s bringing the fight to the duppies.  I bet it’s the last time they mess with a man’s pumpkin crop, to be certain.  Regardless of all this, the singer is delivering frustrated pumpkin and duppy lyrics over a great piece of horns-led, early 70’s toughness, laid down by the heralded Zap Pow band.  Fully appropriate for the Halloween Spooktacular!"

Zap Pow - Who Pick De Pumpkin - 2015 Jamaican Halloween Spooktacular Track Seventeen

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