Friday, December 04, 2015

Day 34 of 365 Day Jamaican Music Challenge - Ernest Wilson - Undying Love

Moving on to the 34th tune in the 365 Day Jamaican Music Challenge and yet again it's dedicated to Patti... it's "Undying Love" by Ernest Wilson, produced by Coxsone Dodd and originally released in 1968 on Studio One and later on Coxsone.  In my honest opinion one of the most beautiful love songs ever recorded, bar none.  Sweet lyrics, sweet horns and a rhythm that warms you like a favorite blanket on a cold night.

Patti continues to amaze me... I get home from my first day back at work since her surgery to a complete Thanksgiving dinner that I unfortunately missed out on last week!  Three days after brain surgery she made a turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes and of course, I was beyond delighted!  Plain and simple she is the best!  

This song is for you Patti!  I love you!

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