Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Thanks For 11 Great Years!

Yes, all good things must come to an end and after much consideration and reflection I have decided the time has come to end the Distinctly Jamaican Sounds blog.  No, I'm not giving up on my love of reggae music or my desire to share this music with those who want to listen but I believe it's time to shutter the blog here on Blogger.  

As with any "specialized" music I have learned a hard lesson the last eleven years that no matter how hard you try to promote and expose this beloved music to the masses, it will never develop into anything more than what seems like broadcasting to an empty room.  I had contemplated what the intention was with Distinctly Jamaican Sounds earlier this month with the end in sight for the 365 Day Jamaican Music Challenge and I decided that I have done all that I can do because it's obvious these efforts I have made to keep the blog informative and interesting have fallen on deaf ears.  Over the course of 365 days, actually 366 because of the leap year, I have gotten exactly six comments.  The 2016 Spooktacular elicited three.  It's obvious no one is checking out the blog anymore and instead of torturing myself wondering why no one is commenting or responding to anything I post, I have decided to just let it go.  

If you want to stay in contact with Distinctly Jamaican Sounds you can always look us up on Facebook, Twitter or even Youtube.  Maybe its a reflection of the societal changes in "social media" and the days of a reggae music blog which takes time and space to expand upon a subject that only a select group actually understands, appreciates or cares about is a thing of the past.   

I will finish off the 2016 Spooktacular and this little project I started last November before I convert my love of Jamaican music to a different platform and an easier, less-labor intensive smaller scale.  And yes I will leave the blog as-is for anyone that may happen across one of my posts months or perhaps even years from now and learn something they had been wondering about a genre, a song, an artist, a producer, a musician, a culture and a people that I have loved and still love with all my heart. 


James A. Naismith said...

Thanks for all you've done over the years!

I loved hearing things I would never have otherwise. Had fun with your Christmas comps, too.

Cool runnings.

Sid Knee said...

Hi I came across your blog when you were about 100 tracks into the year long posts. I was going to comment on the last post to say how much I have enjoyed following them on a daily basis. You've bought up a few favourites and introduced me to some new tunes. I was kind of hoping that you would continue into a second year, but I appreciate the frustration of wondering if anyone is listening/reading. Thanks anyway, it's been fun, and apologies for not commenting earlier.

Reggie F said...

Ah jeez John, terrible news that you're shutting down the blog and more so because you feel your works have gone unappreciated. Been checking out and enjoying your stuff for the best part of a decade and, to my eternal shame, never bothered to leave so much as a thanks. I'm sure there's thousands of others out there like me. From the silent majority-THANK YOU. DJS never went for the obvious and your efforts have always been appreciated in these parts. Come on people, show the man some love and let's remember the graft that goes into sharing sounds simply for the love of the music.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for everything John, I have appreciated your hard work, just haven't felt the need to comment much.
Like you, I find it difficult to find many people that really enjoy the classic Ska, Rocksteady and Reggae like I do.
I think a lot of the problem with the music is all the crap that followed after the golden era and most people seem
to think of that and do not bother to learn of the fantastic history of Jamaican music.
I do believe it is their loss but sadly it does not help the income for all those wonderfully talented musicians, singers and songwriters. I can honestly say that barely a day goes by without me listening to the beautiful Caribbean sounds and
to have that makes me very happy.
All the best!!

Jeff Bannister said...

Please accept my appreciation and thanks for making the Halloween season so enjoyable the last 11 years. I live in St. Louis, Missouri, USA with friends all over the USA. 11 years ago, as a big fan of roots reggae, I accidentally and happily found your blog. Every halloween since, I've played and shared your music/art/stories with many friends and family. Every Halloween my friends and I look forward to the best collection of Halloween music. Your hard work and love of killer tunes have been enjoyed by so many people. You have started a Tradition in many peoples lives and we don't want to see that Tradition end. I wanted to say 'THANK YOU' on behalf of an entire legion of your fans and fans of great music. Your work is loved from San Diego, Los Angeles, Oregon, Missouri, Chicago, New York, Florida...etc. You get the picture. Thank you and Happy Halloween!!

John AKA Reggaexx said...

Thank you all for the kind words... I'm glad this page I started on a whim and not really even knowing what a blog was at the time, has meant something to those of you who have enjoyed what I've shared over the years. It really means a lot to me that you all have taken the time to express your appreciation! But like I said, aside from vacating this space on Blogger, I am not going away! Please, follow DJS on Facebook and you'll remain in touch with whatever I decide to ramble on about in the future. And most of all, stay in touch because a format change is not going to kill the Jamaican Halloween Spooktacular! I'm already putting together the 2017 playlist!

Anonymous said...

I've been totally amazed all year by your 365 days project, and was thinking I would drop you a line to say congratulations. Now I have to say thanks and goodbye too. A shame to see the blog go, but be proud of your accomplishment! I've really enjoyed it for the last 4-5 years. Hope you do more great stuff with the extra time you'll have! I can tell the blog is labor-intensive. Thanks again for all the tunes and cheers! --J.

Gibson-US said...

Much respect John! My family and I have been educated and entertained by your selections for years and we look forward to following your next chapter wherever that may be!

cazzybear said...

Hi Thanks for all your hard work compiling fine tunes and commentaries.Ive been following your site for years and like a few other people never thought of posting comments its sad this feels like an obituary.

Gordon Dobbie (from bonnie scotland)