Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Couple Of Brain Eaters For Your Halloween Listening Pleasure!

In an effort to eat a little more of your brains, in a good way of course, I've uploaded both the 2006 and 2007 Halloween Spooktaculars! Tracklists are available by checking out the Distinctly Jamaican Sounds archives for October 2006 and October 2007 because I'm feeling particularly lazy this afternoon! Be sure to listen with the lights out... it tends to add to the macabre mood!

If you play these at high volume next Friday that time honored tradition of playing scary sound effects for the trick-or-treaters when they approach your house will be turned on its ear! Think about it this way... you'll either have children shrieking in fear as those distinctive Jamaican basslines riddled with spooky sound effects thump through the crisp night air or you'll have the cops busting down your door thinking there's a Halloween party inside that's getting out of control! Whatever you choose to do with them is up to you but I only have one request... enjoy!


Jimmy Jazz said...

Don't Panic !!
Help is at hand with the track listings...
In fact, last year's Halloween Spooktacular (2007) was already re-posted, complete with track listing, on Sunday October 5th 2008. So, just scroll down the page and you'll see the hard work's already been done for you.
As for 2006, I'm making a list here:
1. Blood On His Lips [Boris Karloff Mix] - Scientist
2. Love In A Cemetery - Lord Kitchener
3. Blacula - The Crystalites
4. Who... Is Mr. Brown - The Wailers
5. Loch Ness Monster [Hitchcock Mix] - King Horror [aka Laurel Aitken]
6. Ghost Buster - Early B
7. Voodoo Moon - Jackie Mittoo & The Soul Brothers
8. Annie Palmer - Lone Ranger
9. Escape From Hell - Tappa Zukie & The Revolutionaries
10. Scare Him - The Flames
11. Barnabas Collins [I, Barnabas Mix] - Lone Ranger
12. Me Kill Barnie [aka Death Of Barnabas] - King Yellowman
13. Night Of The Living Dead - Scientist
14. Dracula - The Vulcans
15. Dracula - Peter Tosh
16. Vampire - Bobby Aitken
17. Ten Till Twelve - Lee Perry and the Upsetters
18. Frankinstine - Lone Ranger
19. Grave Digger [Hitchcock Mix] - The Aggrolites
20. Voodooism - Leo Graham
21. Duppy Conqueror - The Wailers

Hope that's of use to you.


esstee said...

If you're going to take future Spooktaculars to email, how can I get on the mailing list? Also, will we be able to get the full 2008 Spooktacular in one download? -- I have noticed problems on some of the files downloaded individually. Thanks for doing this -- it's great and makes my Halloween *so* much better!