Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Jamaican Halloween Spooktacular 2008 Track 6 - Vampire Rockin' With The GG All Stars

We're on to the next tune in our round-up of creepy tunes from the "loudest island in the world" and its another good one and actually one I never even knew existed until late last month. I was online doing some research and trying to dig up some more "duppy tunes" for this years mix when I came across an Ebay listing for the 1978 12" of Lone Ranger's "Barnabas Collins." Now I've got multiple copies of Ranger's tune on various formats but I didn't have the 12" on the GG Hits label. On the flip side was a song I had never heard and one that I initially believed was probably only a retitled instrumental version which oftentimes occupies the B-side on most Jamaican vinyl but I soon found out that I was very wrong.

I found a shared copy of the 12" online posted by a real nice guy who goes my the name of Willyguttz and he was kind enough to re-upload it for me. I was blown away by what was improperly credited to the GG All Stars because it's a completely independent spooky themed reggae tune on the classic "My Conversation" riddim (just like Dillinger's tune from yesterday). I immediately sought out and bought the record because it had everything I love about a Halloween appropriate reggae track... straightforward supernatural subject matter discussing haunted houses, vampires and even Frankenstein and a great riddim that I never tire of.

I hope you can appreciate and enjoy this one as much as I do because to me, its been like uncovering a long-lost treasure. And though the real vocalist's identity may have been lost to time or Earnest Ranglin's shoddy record keeping, this is a near perfect reggae tune for the Halloween season!

Track 6


Anonymous said...

Loving these tracks! Keep up the good work. Although the link for track 6 seems to be directing me to track 5 from yesterday. Anyway, just wanted to give you a warm thanks. Your Christmas Mixes from last year were a big hit with my roomy and the rest of the beach as I was away from home working on a Cruise Ship in Hawaii. We had the ipod, a couple of speakers, and Waikiki on Christmas eve. It was good times.

Reggaexx said...

Thanks for letting me know about the upload error - the problem has been corrected and now you will be forwarded to track 6. Glad you enjoyed the Christmas mix - I have received so many compliments about it I'll definitely begin compiling more for this year's edition as soon as we get through Halloween at least.

Anonymous said...

that is indeed good news! I am going to be in the Caribbean this Christmas so I will be sure to grab it before I go. Cruise Ship life sure is tough I tell you.