Thursday, October 02, 2008

Jamaican Halloween Spooktacular 2008 Track 2 - A Real Nightmare

So you're back for more? Well good because track two in our distinguished anthology of spooky tunes is ready for your ears and it's another good one! As you may have already guessed by either looking at the title of today's post or by immediately looking at the photo on the right... today's tune is called "Nightmare" and it comes to us from the group known as Herman's All Stars.

"Nightmare" was produced by Herman Chin-Loy and originally released in 1971 as the B-side to Herman's "El Fishy" single on the Big Shot label. Interestingly enough, Chin-Loy was Leslie Kong's cousin and he spent time working at Beverley's until 1969 when he started his own Aquarius Record Store and a couple years later his own label and studio. Of note... Herman Chin-Loy has been credited with first recording Horace Swaby AKA Augustus Pablo, producing the album Aquarius Dub; one of the first dub albums ever released and for building the first 24 track studio in Jamaica. Not too shabby huh?

The slightly deranged organ helps give Herman's All Stars' "Nightmare" a real Halloween appropriate vibe... if that doesn't scare you, I'm sure Dr. Satan's announcer will have you cowering in the nearest available corner or under the closest large piece of furniture that you deem appropriate. I of course am exaggerating but if you listen to "Nightmare" you'll get a better idea about this mysterious Dr. Satan.

Track 2

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