Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Jamaican Halloween Spooktacular 2008 Track 5 - Dillinger And His Unquenchable Thirst

Next up in the mix is Dillinger with a tune called "I Thirst" which is taken from his album Cup Of Tea orginally released in 1980 on the Jamaica Sound label. If you're a regular reader and this ain't your first time here at the annual October Spookshow, you'll immediately recognize the My Conversation riddim. Even with the added synthesized alterations at the beginning it will immediately put you in mind of the classic reggae Halloween staple "Barnabas Collins" by Lone Ranger... now if you suddenly find yourself thinking of Ol' Barnabas and dark, spooky Collinwood estate then you should probably just remain in that mindset because Dillinger revisits the familiar Dark Shadows subject matter. Maybe this tune was an effort to perhaps capitalize on Ranger's success by making a follow-up on the same riddim with similar "gothic" subject matters or perhaps back in 1979-80 Jamaica was in the midst of a Dark Shadows frenzy... I really can't tell. Dillinger even goes so far as to recite a couple lines from Yellowman's "Mi Kill Barnie." It doesn't really matter because all in all, this an enjoyably creepy reggae tune!

After the mention of Barnabas Collins, I imagine some long-time readers were wondering if he was going to surface again this year. But I can confidently say that Ol' Barnie has finally met his doom and will not be haunting us again this year with another version....... or is he? Mwuhahahahahahaha!

Track 5

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