Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Jamaican Halloween Spooktacular 2010 - Track Eight - Devil Woman

I can't find any background information on the Tender Tones so I won't go there... here is a smokin' tune from 1969 that ties into the Halloween spookiness we got goin' on here... its called "Devil Woman" and is from a 7" on the UK based Pama Records subsidiary Crab label. A rockin' upbeat "skinhead reggae" number relating us with the tale of a mortal man combatting his seemingly evil significant other... I could really have related with the poor guy's burden a couple years ago myself but I'm not gonna get into that. :)

The film trailer at the beginning is from the early 70's Filipino horror/kung-fu film Devil Woman that I have never seen but immediately added to my must-see list.

I've got to let everyone in on something... until this summer, I was never a huge fan of the skinhead reggae sub-genre. But upon further investigating and listening I've really developed a new-found appreciation. Besides, there were a lot of "spooky tunes" recorded inside that 1968-1972 window and I have yet to come across one that doesn't kick ass... some of which are featured in this years mix.

"Devil Woman" by the Tender Tones
Jamaican Halloween Spooktacular 2010 - Track Eight

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