Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Day 319 of 365 Day Jamaican Music Challenge - Larry Marshall - Can't You Understand

Since I expressed so much love for Carlton Patterson and Black & White yesterday, let's give 'em a little more; this one is "Can't You Understand" by Larry Marshall and it was originally released as a single in 1975.  Marshall got into music in the early 60s, recording minor solo hits for a plethora of producers including Coxsone Dodd.  He stayed with Studio One when he teamed up with singer Alvin Leslie to form the duo Larry & Alvin and they hit it big with "Nanny Goat," a song that many regard as one of the first to make the transition from rocksteady to reggae.  Not only did Larry Marshall record for Dodd he also served as assistant studio engineer, writer, arranger and dub-plate seller before setting out on his own in 1974.  Today's tune is a great example of Larry Marshall's soothing vocal capabilities and like yesterday's track on Black & White, another shining example of some top-flight reggae!  Oddly enough, "Can't You Understand" was repressed on at least four different labels with the production credits going to Patterson on two, a question-mark on one and Marshall on the other... slightly confusing but completely commonplace in Jamaican music as many of you know.

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