Monday, March 06, 2006

In Praise Of The Cool Ruler

I got the rare opportunity to see Gregory Isaacs live last night and it was one hell of a show! Actually this was the second time I've seen him perform and I loved every minute of it just like the first time. He's not like a lot of artists who insist on pushing their new material down an audience's throat - he did all the old songs that everyone knows and loves and the crowd went absolutely wild when he seemlessly went from one hit to the next nonstop! Sadly he was only on stage for an hour but I definitely felt as if I got my money's worth... the moment I walked out of the club I was already making plans to see "The Cool Ruler" the next time he makes it to the area - whenever that may be.

I'm sharing a few Gregory Isaacs tracks... a bunch of stuff that everyone's probably familiar with, unless you've never really given the guy a listen! All the tracks come from the CD/vinyl pictured except "Tune In" which I swiped off a CD because the vinyl 7" is pretty rough (the African Museum label was too cool to pass up though)

I highly recommend anyone with limited experience with Mr. Isaacs give these tracks a listen on a free trial basis - send no money now! If you're not completely satisfied, the tunes are yours to keep and you'll not have any future obligation to download MP3 shares of Gregory Isaacs' music. Enjoy!

Cool Ruler Sampler

Of note - To keep up with my continuing efforts to present a little sampling of all the big names in early dancehall, I'm ripping a bunch of Charlie Chaplin and will be posting a profile and some tracks later this week!


i said...

bless! how is the cool ruler looking these days? i've never had the pleasure of seeing him live, and pray i have the chance before it is too late... thanks for this post!

i said...

can't wait for the Chaplin, by the way...

John AKA Reggaexx said...

He looked pretty damn good for the hard life he's lead... and he was smiling a lot more than I remember him doing the first time I saw him.

If his dapper wardrobe is any indication... Gregory is doing pretty well. :)

Zibilion said...

thanx for all the beautifull music